Love me better

I have already shown you everything I am.
Now that I have told you my insecurities and fears and
the rage that I keep.

I have even shown you my bad timing and my
inappropriate ways
to communicate.

I have shown you everything I am.
And it doesn’t get any better than that.
You will never see me prettier,
or smarter than
you already have.

The truth is
I make so many mistakes
I cannot even count them.

So what is left,
is all that there is.

As good as it gets.

Disappointed, dear?
Can you love me like this?

Odd enough,

Various Clouds, by Vincent Van Gogh.

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This is beautiful :’)

A failing nation’s last pride…

And we fight,

Kiss me back

We have created something out of growing misunderstandings.
We are nothing but an everlasting mistake.

That’s what we were,
a series of misunderstandings.
Your words, my feelings, our sleep.

You used to send me pictures of clouds

Sorry I misunderstood, baby
You see, we don’t like to take these words lightly
I always thought you were the kind of guy
That would rather remain silent
Instead of lie

So whatever you said
I took to heart
Too much
To heart

And I am trying to do justice
To what we have
To what we are

But, darling, I am terrified of life

"Listen more"

"I know who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then."

— Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass. (via foliefleur)

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It’s the perfect day to break someone’s heart. Goddammit, I really detest that phrase. It’s too much of a hyperbole, especially when you’ve only been seeing someone for seven weeks and you weren’t even going out in the first place. Nonetheless, it’s the first real day of winter: the sun is watery…

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